Real Estate and Housing

The Real Estate and Housing office provides a broad range of professional support necessary for the acquisition and disposition of real estate, campus development efforts, faculty mortgage loan programs, and management of real estate assets. We strive to address the housing needs of students, staff and faculty of The Claremont Colleges by offering personalized housing referrals and connecting potential tenants with local landlords and roommates. We seek to provide a culture of ownership, accountability, collaboration and teamwork around all services offered.

Contact Real Estate and Housing

Katie Timmerman
Associate Director | Email
(909) 621-8039

Stephanie Huch
Housing Coordinator | Email
(909) 607-2609

Hours | Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m- 5:00 pm

Programs and Services

  •  Acquisition and disposition of real property
  • Research and support for campus development and land planning
  • Real property gifts
  • Management of CGU, CMC, Scripps and TCCS rental properties
  • Off-campus housing assistance
  • Notary public services by appointment
  • Property taxes and assessments
  • Management of faculty trust deed loan programs

In order to assist students, staff and faculty in finding off-campus accommodations, we are listing some apartments in the Claremont area and the close vicinity. TCCS Housing Office does not inspect any of the following facilities (or those listed in our office) and does not interview or screen landlords, tenants, or roommates. Both students and landlords are encouraged and advised to screen prospective parties on the telephone and arrange a meeting and physical inspection of the property prior to signing any contract.

Telephone area code is 909 unless otherwise noted.

Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
0.8 Claremont Collegiate Apartments 

The Claremont Collegiate Apartments serve students of The Claremont Colleges as well as Cal Poly Pomona and the University of LaVerne. This community is comprised of both grad and undergraduate students and offers double occupancy spaces. At the Claremont Collegiate Apartments, we believe your living environment promotes your academic success. Make the Claremont Collegiate Apartments your home and apply today : Now accepting Fall applications.

1445 N. College Ave #103 607-8506
1.3 Oasis Residential Commons

Oasis Residential Commons is a graduate community that serves the students of Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont Graduate University and the faculty and staff of The Claremont Colleges. This is a living learning environment where students with similar interests live together and participate in programs that cater to their academic, social and personal needs. Make Oasis your home and apply today : Now accepting Fall applications.

111 Bucknell Ave. 213-444-8235
0.4 Padua Terrace 633 E. Foothill Blvd. 624-9958
0.8 Brighton Park Apts. 1415 Morton Circle 621-0744
1.5 Stanford Apts. 320 N. Stanford 621-5941
1.8 Claremont Gardens 856 Bonita Ave. 625-3080
1.9 Cambridge Apts. 116 N. Mountain 624-3055
1.9 Plum Tree Apts. 284 N. Carnegie 626-1243
2.1 Village Claremont, The 750 W. San Jose 626-0793
2.2 Oakwood Apts. 680 Bucknell (877) 902-0832
2.6 The Artisan 410 S. Indian Hill Blvd. 626-5625
2.8 Indian Hill Villas 516 S. Indian Hill 624-2342
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
 0.7  Arrow Vista Village www.arrowvistavillage.com  2398 W. Arrow Route  679-3145
1.5 College Park Apartment Homes www.liveatcollegepark.com 250 College Park Drive 399-0800
1.8 Rancho Monte Vista Apartment Homes 2100 W. Arrow Route 920-4500
1.9 Park Central Apartments 524 N Central Ave. 608-0668
2.1 Parc Claremont 1826 W. Arrow Route 982-5884
2.1 Upland Village 850 N. Benson Ave. 985-6303
2.1 Las Brisas Apartments 1319 Springfield St. 946-0736
2.1 Woodlane-Timberlane Apartments 1540 W. 8th St. 981-2113
2.1 Timber Apartments 276 S. Benson Ave. 985-8005
2.1 Vista Via Apts. 1430 W. Foothill 946-3495
2.2 Foothill Ridge 1334 W Foothill 985-1957
2.2 Northwoods 1622 W. Arrow Route 946-0169
2.6 Arbor Park Apts. 859 N. Mountain 985-7368
2.7 Springfield Villa Apts. 988 Springfield St. 608-7468
2.7 Village Apartments 195 Armstrong Way 982-7498
3 Pebble Grove Apts. 1790 W. Arrow Route 949-3000
3.3 Villa Sorento 1539 W. 7th St. 982-7514
3.9 Barlow-Concord 1012-1080 W. 7th St. 982-7302
4 Arbor View Apts. 569 E. 11th St. 982-0990
4.1 Monteray Apartments 860 N Campus (951) 837-3344
4.2 Alpine Woods 430 Alpine Street 982-8454
4.3 Newport Terrace 818 N. Campus Ave. 981-7700
5.1 Mountain View Apts. 1256 Arrow Hwy. 946-0100
5.9 Upland Village Green 1420 Chafee St. 946-4955
5 Country Club Apartments 1374 North 5th Ave. 985-6161
6.3 Country Club Villas 1604 Medinah Cir. 946-6877
6.7 Country Club Villas 1501 Golf Club Drive 946-6877
La Verne
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
2.7 La Verne Village 2855 Foothill Blvd 392-9300
2.8 Amber Ridge 2421 Foothill Blvd. 593-8102
3.3 La Verne Woods 3563 D Street 593-4713
3.5 Monte Vista Apartments 1825 Foothill Blvd. 593-3722
3.7 La Verne Landing 2363 1st St. 599-4262 x235
5 Shadow Mountain Apartments 2132 Blossom Lane 593-4123
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
2.6 The Gabriel www.livethegabriel.com/ 2771 N. Garey Ave. 242-8380
2.2 El Sereno 2870 N. Towne Ave. 621-6072
2.2 Southridge 150 W. Drake Street 596-2395
2.4 Foothill Village 450 W. Foothill Blvd. 593-9316
2.4 Villa del Sol Apartments 235 W. Grove Ave. 593-6714
2.6 Terramonte Apartment Homes 150 W. Foothill Blvd 593-6130
5.0 Monterey Station Apartments 180 East Monterey Ave 620-1155
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
1.5 Alexan Kendry


4868 Cypress St 447-8277
1.5 The Paseos  4914 Olive Street 625-3300
1.5 Vista Court Apartments  8951 Monte Vista Ave 456-0452
2.3 Lexington, The 9200 Monte Vista Ave. 626-3511
3.5 The Pines 9550 Fremont Ave. 624-0316

We are providing a list of local storage facilities for your convenience, however, we cannot endorse the quality or level of security at each facility.



Telephone area code is 909 unless otherwise noted.

Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
0.7 Reliable Self Storage 1495 Andrew Dr. 625-5060
1.1 Extra Space Storage 525 W. Arrow Hwy. 621-6829
1.6 Evergreen Self Storage 454 W. Baseline Rd. 399-9989
2.4 All American Mini Storage 711 S. Mills Ave. 621-7867
2.4 Extra Space Storage 775 S. Mills Ave. 622-6507
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
1.8 AA U-Stor-M 1619 W 11th St. 985-1931
2.5 Storgard 1675 W 11th St. 982-9203
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
2.6 Fast and Easy 5445 Olive St. 985-9914
3.1 TLC Storage 4943 Holt Blvd. 624-4458
3.3 Ayres Self Storage 10625 Central Ave. 624-1945
3.4 Public Storage 4026 Mission Blvd. 865-1467
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
2.1 Route 66 Self Storage 450 E. Foothill Blvd. 624-1320
2.7 American Mini Storage 863 Towne Center Dr. 621-7466
3.1 AA U-Stor-M 333 Hershey St. 865-8787
3.5 E-Z Storage 2680 Garey Ave. 593-7929
3.6 Stor-Mor 730 E. 1st St. 629-1179
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
3 A-American Self Storage 1640 N. White St. 596-1777
6 Extra Space Storage 1960 San Dimas Canyon Rd. (877) 212-4997
3.2 Mini-U-Storage 2234 Arrow Hwy., LaVerne 593-2613
Miles from Campus Name Address Telephone
10 Public Storage 2449 S. Grove Ave. 947-8186

When should I look for housing accommodations?

A good time to look is the month before each quarter. Early summer is when the best deals are available. Plan to spend 15-40 hours looking for a place to live.

How do I read and negotiate a lease?

The two most common kinds of rental agreements are lease and month-to-month.


  • A lease is for a definite period of time, generally one year.
  • Unless you break the terms of the lease, the owner of your apartment or house cannot raise your rent, unless the lease says otherwise.
  • The owner should not ask you to move unless the lease is up.


  • A month-to-month rental agreement is not for a set period of time.
  • It continues until you decide to move or the owner asks you to leave.
  • If you pay your rent monthly, you must give the owner a 30-day written notice that you are moving.
  • An owner who wants you to leave or decides to raise your rent must inform you in writing 30 days ahead of time.
  • If you break the rules, the owner can give you a three-day notice to vacate.

Must rental agreements be in writing?

No. Both lease and month-to-month agreements may be oral or written. However, a lease for more than one year must be in writing to be binding.

Oral Agreement:

  • Often contains fewer rules than a written agreement
  • Does pose the risk of the tenant and landlord recalling the agreement differently over time

Written Agreement:

  • Typically includes more rules than an oral agreement
  • Sometimes references another “house rules” document, do not sign the agreement unless you read the extra rules
  • Ensure that any blank spaces in the agreement are filled in or crossed out before you sign it and ask for a copy.

Be sure to get the name, address, and telephone number of the owner. Regardless of the type of agreement, California law states that the names and addresses of the owner and manager must be on the rental agreement if the building has three or more apartments.

Can I change a written agreement?

ou can make changes before you sign, as long as the owner agrees.

  • Cross out whatever the two of you agree to take out.
  • Write in any additions. Be sure you both initial the changes.
  • Many rental agreements are on a printed form available at stationery stores.
    • Sometimes these forms are out of date because the guidelines have changed. You will not be bound by any illegal or outdated rules in the agreement you sign.

Do I owe any money besides the rent?

You might. The owner has the right to ask for some fees and deposits, and you have the right to a receipt and written agreement that tells what the money is for and if and when you can get it back. Although the law considers all deposits to be “security deposits,” here are some of the payments that the owner might ask you to make:

  • Last month’s rent in advance: The owner can ask you to pay the last month’s rent before you move in. Thus, if you give proper notice when you want to move out, you will not have to pay rent for the last month.

  • Security Deposit: This deposit can be used for such things as replacing a window that you broke before moving out. But if you do not cause any damage, the security deposit will usually be given back to you.

    • The owner either must refund the security deposit no later than three weeks after you move or must tell you in writing why you will not get back some or all of the money including an itemized description of how the money was spent.

  • Cleaning fee or deposit: some owners want a cleaning deposit or fee. Your lease might say that such fee is nonrefundable, but that is illegal. Whether it is called a fee or a deposit, you usually can get the money back if you keep the place clean and in the same condition as when you took possession.

  • California law puts a limit on the deposits that the owner can ask for, no matter what they are called. All of the deposits/fees cannot add up to more than the cost of two months’ rent for an unfurnished apartment or three months’ rent for a furnished apartment.

  • Also, keep in mind that you are not covered by the owner’s insurance policies. If you wish, you can purchase renter’s insurance that covers your belongings against fire or theft.

What happens when my lease runs out?

  • The lease may give you directions in this situation
    • For example, the lease may have an “automatic renewal” clause (the lease will be renewed for the same period of time as the original agreement).
  • If you pay rent monthly and the owner accepts your rent after the lease is up, the agreement is automatically renewed – but only on a month-to-month basis.

Can the owner sue or evict me?

  • Yes, if you have a lease, the owner can possibly evict you for such reasons as not paying your rent or creating a nuisance by having noisy parties.
    • The owner might also sue to evict you if you break part of the agreement, or if you are asked to leave when your lease runs out and you refuse to do so. In this case, the owner must give you a three-day written notice before suing to evict you.
  • If you have a month-to-month agreement, the owner can ask you to vacate with proper notice for any reason or no reason at all.
    • If you have lived in the rental less than one year, your landlord is required to give you a 30-day notice.
    • If you have lived in the rental longer than one year, your landlord must give you a 60-day notice.
    • However, if you are in violation of your rental agreement, the landlord may ask you to leave with a three-day notice.
    • If you do not move out within the time stated in your notice, the owner can sue to evict you.