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Executive Office

The Executive Office of The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) works closely with the seven presidents of The Claremont Colleges and other senior leaders of the campuses to facilitate and implement strategic initiatives. Stig Lanesskog, the Chief Executive Officer of TCCS oversees a staff of over 400 that provides innovative, high quality and cost effective customer-oriented services that integrate fully with the missions of the institutions served by TCCS. Mr. Lanesskog is assisted by a nine-member Senior Cabinet which provides additional insight and leadership on key issues.

The strength of The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) lies in the diversity of our people and in the services we provide.

We are committed to providing an environment that values the many differences in identities, experiences, ability and thought that exist among the members of our community.

We reflect this commitment by providing opportunities for staff to engage in conversations around diversity and differences, events that celebrate our individual uniqueness and in the constant evaluation and re-evaluation of our employment practices to ensure we invite and retain unique talent.

We learn from each other, we share with each other and we grow because of each other.  As a shared service organization for The Claremont Colleges, TCCS serves the diverse needs of students, faculty and staff in many ways, including through our disability resources center, inter-faith religious center, cultural centers, library services, campus safety services and a range of administrative services.

TCCS is proud of the services we provide and we recognize that we are better equipped to excel with a team of diverse staff members who are passionate about the work they do.

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TCCS Communications coordinates consortial communications for issues and projects of The Claremont Colleges.

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