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CLSA students: class of 2017

Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA)

Dedicated to providing programs and services that enhance the academic success and personal development of Chicano/Latino students at The Claremont Colleges.


Community Building

New Student Retreat

    • A three-day community building experience that strengthens social and cultural ties. Located in a rustic mountain setting (with all the modern amenities), the retreat is an invaluable opportunity for all participants to interact and build friendships. Team-building activities such as sponsor-led sessions, campfires, volleyball, nature hikes and crystal-clear mountain evenings under the stars are enjoyed by all. New students begin the academic year invigorated and with a strong sense of belonging within the Chicano/Latino college community.

Día de la Familia

    • Family Day is a joyous occasion uniting current students, their families and the Chicano/Latino college community. Families enjoy an afternoon of good food, student talent, music and lively conversation. Recognition is given for academic achievement, leadership and community service, as well as a special acknowledgement to graduating seniors.

Community Lunches

    • Bring the student community together on a regular basis for social and cultural interaction. Friendships are fostered in an easygoing, casual dining atmosphere.

Study breaks

    • A time to relax and refresh, study breaks are a great opportunity to visit with other students while taking a few moments away from the books. CLSA is happy to host a number of study breaks during the year.

Chicano Latino Graduation

    • A celebration that includes a bilingual ceremony and reception for seniors, graduate students and their families. This celebration is coordinated by a committee of undergraduates who wish to honor and highlight the achievements of Chicano and Latino students.

Alumni Sessions and Panels

    • Sessions provide an opportunity for undergraduates to meet with alumni to discuss careers, postgraduate perspectives, and build networks for professional growth and development.

Leadership Development

Sponsor Program

    • Sponsors are returning students whose goal is to mentor the incoming class with the transition to college life. The sponsor serves as a supportive resource person through the freshman year. CLSA Sponsor Application

Graduate Student Brown Bag Series

  • As a resource to students from Claremont Graduate University (CGU) and Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) CLSA hosts a graduate brown-bag lunch series during the academic year.  The workshops take place in a conducive and supportive environment in which graduate students present their research to their peers as a means of receiving constructive feedback. This is a wonderful opportunity for scholarly development and intellectual growth.

Chapbook “Almas Unidas: Nuestra Visión”

    • The Chapbook serves as a medium for students to have their original poetry, short stories, essays, monologues and art work submitted for publication. The book is published in the spring semester.

Dolores Huerta Leadership Gala Planning Committee

    • Students assist in planning and implementation of this event where student leaders are recognized for their community service both on- and off-campus. The Dolores Huerta Leadership Gala is the culminating event of the César Chávez Commemoration.

Chicano Latino Graduation Planning Committee

    • This celebration is coordinated by a committee of undergraduates who wish to honor and highlight the achievements of Chicano Latino students.

Events (Cultural and Community Issues)

Latino Heritage Month

  • A calendar of events that celebrates the cultural heritage of Chicanos and Latinos. Films, speakers, lectures and social events all constitute the five-college celebration held in the fall semester.

Día de los Muertos Celebration

  • CLSA celebrates this festive occasion that honors those who have passed away, while also celebrating the continuation of life. With an emphasis on joy rather than sadness, Día de los Muertos comes alive with vibrant colors as an altar is adorned with photographs, candles, fruit, bread, orange marigolds, bright papel picado (paper cut-outs), sugar skulls and many treasured belongings.

César Chávez Commemoration

  • Celebrates the life and accomplishments of the founder of the United Farm Workers Union. Speakers, lectures, dinners and musical events are all part of the extensive five-college celebration.

Field Trips

  • These outings are planned to complement relevant issues to the Chicano/Latino community and CLSA programming.

Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe

  • An annual celebration in honor of La Virgin de Guadalupe, the Patroness Saint of the Americas, co-hosted every December with the Chaplain’s Office. The commemoration includes a mass with music, followed by a traditional meal. In addition to being a spiritual event, this is also a cultural celebration throughout the Americas. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Art Workshops

  • Students are encouraged to express themselves creatively through these sessions with cultural themes.

Guest Speakers and Lecturers

  • The academic year is augmented with speakers addressing important issues to students and the Chicano/Latino community.

Academic Resources

Graduate and Professional Schools Success Series

  • Graduate school application workshop

  • Advice for graduate school (by appointment only)

  • Statement of purpose workshop

  • How to successfully apply for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship

  • STEM workshops

  • Medical school application advising


  • 24-Hours Building Access
    • Students are able to utilize CLSA after business hours and on weekends. It is a comfortable space to study, use the computers or watch a movie.
  • Computer Lab
    • Student-designated computers with printers and internet access are available on a 24/7 basis at CLSA. In addition, wireless internet access is available in the lounge area.
  • Resource Center
    • Provides a central location where students gain information regarding scholarships, graduate and professional programs, fellowships, internships and senior theses.
  • Chispas
  • Blog