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Anticipating and Exceeding Expectations Throughout
The Claremont Colleges Community

About The Claremont Colleges Services

Established in 1925, The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) is the central coordinating and support organization for a highly regarded cluster of seven independent colleges known as The Claremont Colleges. With approximately 440 employees who provide expertise in a broad range of roles, TCCS serves more than 8,500 students, approximately 3,270 faculty and staff at five undergraduate colleges, two graduate institutions.

TCCS provides both student facing services as well as administrative and operational services to the students and institutions that comprise The Claremont Colleges.

Our Student Services, Campus Safety, and The Claremont Colleges Library provide services directly to the students of The Claremont Colleges. Additionally, TCCS has numerous departments that provide services to and coordination consortial projects and programs throughout The Claremont Colleges.

We invite you to watch this Introduction to Student Services video to learn more about our enriching programs offered by Student Services.

About The Claremont Colleges

The Claremont Colleges includes five undergraduate liberal arts colleges and two graduate institutions. Located on contiguous campuses in the Southern California city of Claremont, each institution has its own student body, faculty, governance, curricular emphasis, culture, and mission. Intercollegiate cooperation provides university-scale services and facilities. With 8,500 students and 3,300 faculty and staff, located on more than 540 acres of land, The Claremont Colleges benefit from the diverse missions, character and culture, as well as the integration of academic and extracurricular programs that make up this truly unique consortium. Follow the latest news and updates about The Claremont College on Facebook and Instagram @TheClaremontCollegesOfficial or visit The Claremont Colleges website.


To be the exemplary trusted partner for shared services in higher education.

To provide exceptional shared services as the preferred partner of The Claremont Colleges.

Continuous Improvement

TCCS continually seeks to improve our services, processes, and the capabilities of our employees by seeking out new and better ways of serving the colleges and by being mindful of opportunities for meaningful change and growth, individually and organizationally. TCCS is proactive in response to trends in higher education and at the colleges.


TCCS practices responsible planning and sustainable management of the resources the colleges have entrusted to us, in order to maximize the value the colleges receive from their investments in TCCS, in both the short and long term.


TCCS seeks to work together internally and with our partners to explore opportunities, meet challenges, and achieve results in a manner that encourages participation and promotes success.

User/Client Centered

TCCS builds and maintains relationships and partnerships with the colleges so that we may anticipate, recognize, and meet their needs in a timely and courteous manner.


TCCS is committed to providing an environment that values the many differences in identities, experiences, backgrounds, beliefs, abilities and thought that exist among the members of our community.


TCCS is committed to providing our community with fair treatment and fair
access to information, resources, and opportunities. In order to accomplish
this, we proactively work to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent members of historically marginalized groups from full participation.


TCCS recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of all people and strives to continuously and intentionally foster an environment of belonging and empowerment. We are committed to infusing the values of diversity, equity, and respect into our daily work, and to developing policies, practices, and facilities that reinforce these values.

The Claremont Colleges Services Departments

TCCS Executive Office

Executive Office

Provides leadership to TCCS with close coordination with the presidents of TCC.



Comprehensive communications within TCCS and coordination of consortial communications programs and projects.

Community Relations

Community Relations

Enhances relations between the community and the colleges.

Financial Administration

Financial and Administrative Services 

Directs all financial and human resource aspects of TCCS and select operations of TCC.

business affairs

Budget and Analytics

Maintains financial data for decision-making at TCCS and amongst the Intercollegiate Committees.

Business Services Unit

Enterprise Business Systems Services

Implements business systems solutions in finance, human resources, and student information systems.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Provides accounting and related services to TCCS and TCC institutions.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Coordinates comprehensive HR benefits for TCCS

Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration 

Administers employee benefit plans throughout TCC.


Payroll Administration

Providing payroll administration services for The Claremont Colleges.

Central Facilities Services

Central Facilities Services 

Provides maintenance and services for TCC property.

Environment Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety 

Provides professional health and safety services throughout TCC ensuring the safety of faculty, staff and students.

Real Estate and Housing

Real Estate and Housing

Assisting in the real property needs of students, staff and faculty of TCC both on and off campus.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Raising awareness and protecting resources by promoting risk-averse policies and practices.

campus safety

Campus Safety

Provides protection to persons and property of students, faculty, staff and visitors of TCC.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Provides mission critical information technology services within TCCS and in support of select programs and projects of TCC.



Provides library services and research to the students and faculty of TCC.

Student Services

Student Services

Promotes and enhances the physical health and wellness of all students at TCC.