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Campus Safety Team in front of ACC building

Campus Safety

Dedicated to protecting the persons and property of students, faculty, staff and visitors of The Claremont Colleges.

Do you have an emergency?

If you are on campus call 911 or campus safety by dialing extension 7-2000 or 7-7233.

From cell phone or off-campus phone, call (909) 607-2000 or (909) 607-7233.

For more information on reporting an emergency reference “Reporting an Emergency” below.


Emergency Response

Crime Prevention

  • Around-the-clock safety escorts
  • Patrol all campus streets, byways and interior areas
  • Monitor alarms and surveillance cameras
  • Provide security and traffic control at special events and performances
  • Provide crime prevention and security education
  • Help prevent bicycle theft– Register your bike FREE
  • Our Campus Safety Electronics Device Registration Form can help locate lost or stolen devices–register yours here

Other Services

  • Take reports of crimes and incidents, and forward them to Claremont Police Department for investigation
  • Assist law enforcement and other emergency service providers
  • Provide free 10-year bike registry (available at Campus Safety office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Reporting an Emergency

If you are on campus call 911 or campus safety by dialing extension 7-2000 or 7-7233
From cell phone or off-campus phone call (909) 607-2000 or (909) 607-7233
If you would like to remain anonymous, you can report an incident as a silent witness. Note: this form is not intended for reporting emergencies or crimes-in-progress.


  • Emergency phones are located throughout the campuses for a direct, automatic connection to Campus Safety.
    • Some phones have blue lights, some phones are red or orange in boxes
    • The Campus Safety dispatcher has the phone locations and will dispatch an officer to your location when the phone is activated, whether you talk or not.
    • Please stay near the phone if possible and describe your urgent need while an officer responds.
    • Use emergency phones for danger, fire, medical emergency, crimes-in-progress or suspicious activity.
  • Most residence halls have exterior campus phones. Use them to call Campus Safety as needed at 7-2000.
  • Safety Escort service: call anytime at extension 7-2000.

While Campus Safety officers respond to your needs, any other needed agencies such as police, fire, medical, etc., will be directed to the location as needed by the Campus Safety dispatcher. Campus Safety officers will clear the way and guide other emergency service providers to your exact location, and you will get the service faster if the call goes to Campus Safety first. Officers know the campus streets and buildings and are trained in first aid response. Campus Safety has a close working relationship with the Claremont Police Department and the Los Angeles County Fire Department and local ambulance providers.


LiveSafe is a smartphone app that helps members of The Claremont Colleges find resources and information as well as communicate suspicious or hazardous activities to Campus Safety.

  • Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Once you have downloaded, select your university's name.
  • Fill out all fields under the user profile, and add emergency contacts
  • Add at least three emergency contacts. They should be close friends or family who are in a position to help
  • Allow "Push Notifications" to be enabled in your “settings.” The campus department will also send alerts through SMS, email, and push notifications
  • Turn location services on. Police rely on GPS data to better serve and protect you. When you report an incident or make a call, police will know exactly where you area making a report from so they can respond quickly and accordingly.

Concerns, comments or complaints

Concerns, Comments or Complaints Form Note: this form is not for crime reporting. To report a crime call us at (909) 607-2000 or (909) 607-7233. If you would like to remain anonymous, report an incident as a silent witness (not for emergencies or crimes-in-progress). Campus Safety seeks your input and comments in any instance and we encourage you to contact us by using the attached confidential form. This information will come directly to the director of Campus Safety for immediate review and appropriate action. The Claremont Colleges Services and Campus Safety are dedicated to serving all persons fairly and respectfully. Any time a person believes we have fallen short of this goal, we value the opportunity to be informed and respond. Any person may file a complaint regarding the actions of any employee of Campus Safety. All complaints are considered confidential and will be investigated in a timely manner in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Claremont Colleges Services and this department.