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Information Technology

Providing mission-critical IT services to The Claremont Colleges.

Claremont Colleges Services provides IT services under two names:

  • TCC IT provides IT services to The Claremont Colleges
  • TCCS IT provides IT support to other TCCS departments


TCC IT (formally known as TCC IT Shared Services) provides common IT services to The Claremont Colleges with a strong focus on selected IT services that are mission critical. A number of former TCCS IT services have transitioned to TCC IT including the phone system, OnBase, and Blackboard.  Two consortium-wide services previously run by colleges have also transitioned to TCC IT. TCC IT now operates the college’s shared Internet connectivity (formerly managed by HMC) and shared single sign-on infrastructure (formerly run by CMC).

TCC IT’s first new service offering is a “to the wall plate” networking service. TCC IT is in the process of assuming full operational responsibility for four of the seven college networks (wired and wireless) and will be the lead on an upcoming deployment of multi-factor authentication for the colleges. Additional services will be added over the next few years as they are discussed by The Claremont Colleges IT governance structure.


TCCS IT ensures that TCCS staff have solid IT infrastructure, resources and tools to support their day-to-day work. This includes desktop, multimedia, and applications support. Supported applications range from desktop apps such as Microsoft Office through large systems such as Titanium and Workday.