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Risk Management

Committed to raising awareness and protecting resources by promoting risk-averse policies and practices.

Committed to risk awareness and protection of campus resources.


  • Certificates of insurance
  • Authorization of drivers for college-owned vehicles
  • Additional insurance related questions

Insurance Programs and Claim Reporting FAQs

  • How do I obtain an international travel assistance insurance

    • For information regarding international travel assistance and to print an insurance card please reference
      International Travel Assistance.
  • What vehicles are insured by The Claremont Colleges?
    • All vehicles owned or leased by the colleges are eligible for coverage. For more information regarding eligibility, please reference Insurance Requirements for Vendors, Contractors and Service Providers.
  • What incidents require a claims report?
    • All incidents involving third-party bodily injury or property damage should be reported to the Risk Management office immediately.
  • How do I report an incident to the Risk Management office?
    • To report an incident, contact the Risk management office either by phone or email.
  • How can I become a TCCS authorized driver?
    • To be an authorized driver, you must fill out a motor vehicle records release authorization (Records Release Authorization) and submit it to the office of Risk
  • How do I obtain a certificate of insurance?
    • A certificate of insurance can be obtained by emailing the Office of Risk Management. Please include a copy of the supporting documentation (contact, lease agreement, grant, etc.) specifying the insurance requirements and limits.