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Intercollegiate Website Overview

The Claremont Colleges Services provides website support for academic and administrative intercollegiate departments and programs.

Intercollegiate Website Policy

The Intercollegiate Website Policy provides guidance on the development, operations and maintenance for intercollegiate websites.

All intercollegiate websites:

  • are housed on a web system maintained by The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS)
  • have colleges.claremont.edu addresses
  • use our WCAG 2.0 AA accessible, approved template (Description Below)
  • are supported by the college where the lead dean of the department/program resides (host college)

Website System

TCCS provides WordPress installations for intercollegiate sites. These installations run a set number of pre-determined templates and plugins so that they can be properly maintained. TCCS will automatically apply any required template/plugin updates to maintain security and proper accessibility.

Templates and Plugins

TCCS provides a template that can be used for an intercollegiate website. When an intercollegiate website project is initiated, your website contact will go over this template with you. This template, as well as a number of WordPress plugins, have been carefully selected so that they can be maintained in a secure and accessible manner, so alternate themes or plugins cannot be utilized.

Website Addresses

All intercollegiate sites will have a web address of the format colleges.claremont.edu/department-or-program-here. If absolutely necessary, and upon approval, each site can be allowed one subdomain redirect (such as department-or-program-here.claremont.edu) that will redirect to the aforementioned address.

Website Support

Each intercollegiate website will be supported by the college where that department/program’s lead dean resides. If assistance for the website is required, the department/program can utilize the intercollegiate website request form at the bottom of this page and the request will be automatically routed to the correct web contact.

Website Content

Department/program faculty and/or staff that would like to edit their websites will be given editor access to edit the website. Website content is the responsibility of the intercollegiate department/program, but the host college’s communications office can assist in editing content if requested. It is also the responsibility of the intercollegiate department/program to make sure to follow the best accessibility practices while creating/updating content. To keep content up-to-date and accessible for your users:

  • Any academic course listings/requirements information cannot live on the intercollegiate website and must instead be linked to the appropriate course catalogs
  • PDF documents should be avoided whenever possible, and instead, your website contact can help set them up as webpages or web forms
  • It’s suggested to do an annual checkup of your content to make sure all information is up-to-date.

Web Advisory Group

The Web Advisory Group (WAG) will review ownership of each of the intercollegiate sites at the beginning of each academic year to ensure that site ownership is up-to-date. Access and assistance will be provided as needed should a site change from one home college to another.

Intercollegiate Website Request