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Dedicated to providing programs aimed at improving the spiritual, ethical and social aspects of life at The Claremont Colleges.

Student Support

The Chaplains invite all students to our various worship services and events for community support. We are also available to meet one-on-one in our office or at a location around campus. You may drop by the Chaplains Office to see whoever is in during our office hours from 9am-5pm, or visit our contact page to e-mail a specific chaplain to schedule a time to meet. You may contact our office by phone at (909) 621-8685 for more information. 

Upcoming Events

Welcome back to the Fall Semester! Please be sure to visit our Service and Event Calendar for more information about our worship services and events, or visit the Chaplains Page to Contact Us.


We invite you to participate in any of our services, opportunities or events sponsored by our office.  Please fill out our Religious Preference form and indicate your interests to receive notifications about relevant programs, events, and student organizations.

2019-20 Room Reservations

Student Leaders: Groups that want to request space or make a standing reservation must first be a recognized religious/spiritual organization and have completed the Religious/Spiritual Student Organization Registration Info for the current school year. Once that has been completed we will provide you can complete the “Room Reservation Form”. Reservations will be finalized the first week of the semester. 

Swipe Access 

Swipe access may be granted for after hours access to a student for a specific purpose. One such reason might be for a Students with a daily prayer routine. Please complete this form to request swipe access and to agree to our “Swipe Access Guidelines” and “General Meeting Room Rules” Agreement. Completing this form does not guarantee access and any violation of the policy may result in losing your card swipe access.