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Parking Information

Dedicated to protecting the persons and property of students, faculty, staff and visitors of The Claremont Colleges.

Frequently Asked Questions

I saw a traffic accident. What should I do?

Firstly, notify Campus Safety so that the appropriate help can be sent. Tell the dispatcher the exact location of the accident and if you think anyone is injured or hurt. Stay on the phone until the dispatcher instructs you to end the call.

Why are the vehicle registration fees different for each campus?

The vehicle registration fee is set by each campus and are billed to your student account.

How much of my vehicle registration fees go to Campus Safety?

None. All vehicle registration fees are collected by each of the campuses.

I will have a car on campus for the next few days. Do I really have to register it?

Yes. You are eligible for a free temporary parking permit.

I have a friend who will be visiting me for a few days. Do they have to register their car?

Yes. All vehicles on the property of The Claremont Colleges must have a parking permit. Your friend can apply for a temporary parking permit at Campus Safety.

I just brought a car on campus. How much time do I have before I have to register it?

You have three days to register the vehicle after bringing it on the property of The Claremont Colleges. You may, however, still be cited for failure to register until you register your vehicle. You can appeal these citations.

Q: I just switched cars. The old car was registered. What should I do?

Come to Campus Safety with your student I.D. card and the new vehicle's DMV registration card, and we will update your records. Failure to do so may cause your vehicle to receive citations even though a valid parking permit is displayed. Parking permits are issued to specific vehicles and are not transferable.

I lost my permit. What should I do?

Come to Campus Safety with your student I.D. card and the vehicle’s DMV registration card. You can obtain a replacement permit at the current cost of $25.

My permit was stolen from my car. What should I do?

The procedure is the same as if you lost your permit. You will also have the option of filing a theft report with Campus Safety.

I received a citation for parking in a student lot that was not on my home campus. Why?

Each campus regulates the parking in its lots. Some campuses want to enforce this regulation to ensure that students on their home campuses have adequate parking.

I take classes at campuses other than my home campus. What should I do?

You can apply for permission to park on another campus. To apply, see the Dean of Students at your campus and ask for a petition to park on another campus. They will petition the campus that you want to park on. If permission is granted, Campus Safety will be advised to provide you with a student parking permit for the campuses that are approved. You will be notified by either the Dean of Students Office or Campus Safety of the outcome of your request.

Why am I prohibited from parking in a red zone or fire line if I am only parked for a minute?

Areas designated as fire lanes are done so for the sole reason of the safety of the college community. This is so the fire department can readily get to people who may need their help. A lot of their life-saving equipment is on their fire trucks, and seconds saved could mean the difference between life and death for someone. The fire department can also levy huge fines against the campuses because fire lanes are blocked.

Why am I prohibited from parking in a loading zone if I am only parked for a minute?

Loading docks are for the purpose of vendors making deliveries, such as food, mail, or supplies. A lot of delivery companies, if they cannot unload when their trucks arrive, will leave and it will require another delivery charge for them to come back, often delaying deliveries.

How much money does Campus Safety get for writing citations?

None. All citation fees are collected by the violator's campus and billed to their student accounts.

What happens if I refuse to register my vehicle with Campus Safety?

Your vehicle is subject to be towed and removed from campus property.

I received a citation that I do not think I deserved. What can I do?

You can appeal a parking citation within 10 days of the issuance date. You can appeal the citation by filling out the appeal section on the back of the pink copy of the citation, or come to Campus Safety and get a citation appeal form to complete, or Get a copy of the appeal form.

My vehicle was towed by Campus Safety. What should I do?

Go to Campus Safety. Advise the dispatcher that your vehicle may have been towed. In order for your vehicle to be released from the towing company, you will be required to register your vehicle. Campus Safety will authorize the towing service to release the vehicle to you. You may then go and get your vehicle.

Sometimes I see the Claremont Police Department on campus writing citations. Why is this?

The Claremont Police Department is authorized to enforce all state and city laws on the campuses. Even though The Claremont Colleges are private property, all state and local laws apply here.

Parking at The Claremont Colleges is regulated. A valid parking permit is required to park on campus property.

Vehicle Registration

Students, faculty and staff of The Claremont Colleges can create accounts and pre-register vehicles online. A vehicle is not officially registered until a parking permit has been issued or renewed by Campus Safety

Register your vehicle

Visitor Parking

Visitors may obtain a temporary parking permit at Campus Safety at no charge.

Parking Regulations and Appealing a Citation