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Claremont Police Department and Campus Safety from The Claremont Colleges remind you to Lock it and license it. Register your bike at

Lock it and license it

Campus Safety and the Claremont Police Department are working together to prevent bike thefts in our area. If you haven’t registered your bike with Campus Safety yet, please visit us at 150 E. Eighth Street, across from the Bookstore.

Bike thefts are down 56% from last year because Claremont college students used quality locks and properly secured their bikes. Help protect and recover your bike by always locking it and licensing it with the 520 Garage

Properly secure your bike

Do not leave your bike unsecured. Use a strong reliable U-Lock. Cable locks are less expensive but easily defeated

Pick a good location

Lock your bike in a visible, well-lighted area.

Register your bike at

It’s free! 529 Garage (Formerly the National Bike registry) lets you license your bike and add photos and accessories to aid in identification

See Something Say Something

Immediately report suspicious activity around bike racks. Call 9-1-1 or Campus Safety at (909) 607-2000