Campus Safety Training Standards

Providing professional health and safety services to The Claremont Colleges.

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Campus Safety

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Campus Safety Training Standards

The Claremont Colleges Services Campus Safety Department is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable campus environment for the students of The Claremont Colleges. The Campus Safety Department strives to select, train and maintain an excellent team prepared for day-to-day services as well as emergency responses to support our students, staff, faculty and visitors.

Following the successful completion of a thorough and comprehensive hiring process that includes multiple interviews, a background check, a driving history check and medical examination, each member of the Campus Safety Department then completes the following mandatory certifications upon hire:

  • Completion of a certified Basic Security Guard Card Program and Licensure
  • CPR/First Aid & AED Certifications
  • Jeanne Clery Act Training

Campus Safety staff must also complete the following required training programs as part of their TCCS/Department-required training period:

  • 480-hour Campus Safety Department Field Training Program
  • 120-hour Dispatcher’s Course (dispatchers only)
  • 40-hour California Penal Code 832 Course
  • 20-hour FEMA Emergency Preparedness Courses 100b, 200, 700, and 800
  • Community-Oriented Public Safety Course
  • New Perspectives in Community Policing
  • Advanced CPR/First Aid/AED Training including NARCAN and Emergency Trauma Care (“Stop the Bleed”)
  • Mental Health First Aid Course
  • Vehicle Safety and Vehicle Operations Training

Campus Safety staff also participate in year-round training programs and annual recertifications through in-service or advanced learning programs. These updates and reviews occur monthly, quarterly and annually in the following subjects:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity (“DEI”) Reviews
  • Bias Awareness
  • De-Escalation Safety Strategies
  • TCCS Policies regarding Anti-Harassment and Data Security
  • Body Worn Camera systems (officers only)
  • Monthly reviews of Department policies, procedures and General Orders
  • Report Writing
  • Teal Dot Bystander Engagement Training
  • Sexual Assault Awareness
  • Parking Enforcement

Additional information on each of these subjects is available upon request. Please contact the Campus Safety Department via email with additional questions.