Study abroad physicals are available by appointment at SHS. Study abroad physicals are generally not available same-day so we recommend scheduling well in advance of the due date of the forms.

When you schedule a study abroad physical, we will ask what country or countries you plan to study in or travel to during your time abroad. This allows us to ensure that you are given the correct information for medical needs for the country in which you will study. The appointment for study abroad forms generally takes about an hour. The cost for the physical is $45. Many immunizations that might be needed for travel abroad are also available at an additional cost. Please bring your study abroad forms with any patient/student sections completed and arrive to SHS 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Historical/childhood immunizations are required to be available to SHS providers prior to completing your forms, and the form cannot be signed off without them. When scheduling, the receptionist will let you know if you need to upload any immunization records. If records are not uploaded, or if you do not have access to historical immunization records, your appointment will be converted to an immunization review visit. This will allow a provider to review any records that you do have, and order titers and/or immunizations as needed. Your study abroad forms will not be completed on this visit, and you will need to return to SHS for a follow-up visit in 1-2 weeks to complete the forms.