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IT Department at work

Trouble Logging in to CAS?

Providing mission-critical IT services to The Claremont Colleges.

Trouble signing into Workday or Kronos?

Trouble signing into Blackboard or OnBase?

Trouble signing into other applications? Call or email your campus IT for help. 

Phone E-mail
CGU (909) 621-8174 IT Help Desk
CMC (909) 607-0911 IT Help Desk
HMC (909) 607-7777 IT Help Desk
PIT (909) 607-3065 IT Help Desk
POM (909) 621-8061 IT Service Desk
SCR (909) 607-3406 IT Help Desk
KGI (909) 607-0387 IT Help Desk
TCCS (909) 607-9191 Apps Help Desk