Drop-in Hours with Dr. Dana Reyes

Dr. Dana Reyes specializes in strengths-based therapy while taking into account cultural, social, and systemic factors. Every Thursday, from 2-4:00pm. Appointments are 30 minutes each, first come first serve. In order to receive the Zoom link to your appointment, You must RSVP by going to the link provided for the following week in the weekly emails. Individual appointments are 30 minutes long. Longer appointments are solely at Dr. Reyes's discretion, and if nobody has signed up right after your session. *** If you feel that you need more immediate or consistent support, we encourage you to reach out to MCAPS for [...]

Post Doctoral Fellowships


Virtual info Session with Dr. Daniel Wong, Assistant Dean of Academic and Postdoctoral Services, UCLA Graduate Division This workshop will cover helpful tips and resources to help you secure a post-doc fellowship. Join Us! Please, register to get the Zoom link. POST DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS

The Last, Best Small Town

JOIN US!!! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! THE LAST, BEST SMALL TOWN tells the story of two neighboring families --one Latinx and one white--who live in the small southern California town of Fillmore. As the first decade of the 21st century unfolds, the children of these families come of age, fall in love, and suffer loss, as they continually hunt for their place in a world that can no longer promise them a better life than their parents. - PROOF OF VACCINATION REQUIRED FOR ALL SEAVER THEATRE PERFORMANCES. - Masks are required for all indoor events. - Before entering the [...]

CLSA Writing Retreat


Do you have a writing assignment that you're struggling to get started with? If so, join CLSA's Latinx Writing Retreat! Meet people from across the 7Cs and secure a writing accountability group. All types of projects welcomed. Lunch will be provided. At CLSA, Tranquada Building, 2nd Floor Co-sponsored by Scripps Writing Center. WRITING RETREAT

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