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Affiliated Student Organizations

Dedicated to providing programs aimed at improving the spiritual, ethical and social aspects of life at The Claremont Colleges.

Active Student Organizations

Student groups are officially registered with the student activities office of one of the seven Claremont Colleges, or with the Associated Students of Pomona College for groups serving more than one college. Student religious/spiritual groups and clubs provide essential contexts for nurturing faith and spirituality, community formation, and leadership development. The Chaplains provide guidance to student religious/spiritual organizations to work toward these ends. Religious, spiritual, cultural, and service oriented groups are welcome to utilize the McAlister Center facilities and are encouraged to seek out the Chaplains for both religious guidance and programatic support. Download Guidelines for Student Religious/Spiritual Organizations for more information.

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5C Mindfulness  

Mindfulness meditation is known to improve happiness, kindness, and peacefulness. The 5C Mindfulness Group therefore aims to help students with the practice of meditation and make it easier for students to carry it out consistently and effectively. We accomplish this primarily by providing daily meditation sessions. We also intend to lead retreats that involve visiting monasteries and enjoying the wilderness. Finally, we plan to host alcohol-free social events that involve mindfulness to build community and give students an alternative to drinking. These events will include guest speakers, home cooked dinners, performances, live music, and much more.

Muslim Students Association   

The Claremont Colleges Muslim Students Association seeks to provide a support system and a sense of community for students of Muslim background and faith at the Claremont Colleges. Our events seek to highlight the rich cultural aspects of the various Islamic traditions from around the world, and to allow a safe space for Muslim students to express their faith. We also aim to increase awareness about Islam and Muslims through interfaith activities. 

McAlister Volunteers   

McAlister Volunteers organizes and executes the community service branch of the McAlister Center. We host projects both large and small to benefit our community. As a member, you can influence the type of engagement we conduct for the Gandhi, MLK, Cesar Chavez, or Sarah Winnemucca Days of Service. You can lead your peers to local community gardens, animal shelters, assisted living centers, or wherever your passion takes you. We meet once every other week to discuss upcoming projects, establish community service goals, and to enjoy small community-building activities like writing gratitude cards. All are welcome! 

Claremont Colleges Hillel    

Claremont Hillel’s mission is to provide a fun, diverse, welcoming and inclusive Jewish community for the 5Cs and graduate students, encourage social action and awareness of global and local issues, provide continuing Jewish education and leadership opportunities, and be a religious and social outlet for new and returning students. We work with the larger Jewish community to foster a sense of being distinctively Jewish and universally human through meaningful experiences. 

Kehillah: A Different Approach to Jewish Dialoguing    

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Our mission is to create a space in which Jews and non-Jews alike can come together and have open discussions and dialogues. This group intends to erase stigmas, break stereotypes, and to encourage students to explore the uncomfortable aspects of Jewish and Israel debate on campus. Although this group is dedicated to Jewish and Israel topics, anyone interested in the above, or maybe even confused by them, are welcome. However, respect for one another is a REQUIREMENT for Kehillah attendance and participation. We will be meeting once every two weeks or so (subject to change), and lead group discussions, host movie nights, have cooking/baking/culture sessions, and invite guest speakers. We look forward to a year of fun and intellectual growth this year in Kehillah! (This group is open to Scripps Students Only)

Chabad of the Claremont Colleges     

The primary purpose of Chabad of the Claremont Colleges is to provide Judaism to the students at The Claremont Colleges within the unique frameworks of a family atmosphere and traditional Judaism in which countless students have shown sincere interest. The purpose of the organization is to provide Jewish cultural and religious education and services from a traditional, Orthodox perspective. This differs from other forms of exiting Jewish organizations in that it approaches Judaism using Chassidic ideology, thus catering to a need not yet being met at the Claremont Colleges.

5CIV (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at The Claremont Colleges)    

We are a community of students at Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Scripps, Pomona, and Pitzer Colleges seeking to follow Jesus together. We are Christians of various backgrounds (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, non-denominational) and students of other/no religious background who are asking questions about Jesus. Everyone is welcome. Our vision is to: Love God. Love people. Do God’s work of love and justice on and off campus.

Claremont Christian Fellowship      

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Claremont Christian Fellowship exists to help students know, love, and follow Jesus. We seek to cultivate loving and just community, be witnesses for Jesus to the Claremont Colleges and beyond, and to prepare students to be faithful disciples wherever they go after college.

Hindu Society

The Hindu Society provides a forum in which people can discuss Hinduism, and celebrate its holidays. It does this by hosting events to celebrate holidays such as Diwali and Holy.  

CMS Christian Athletes     

CMS Christian Athletes is a group of athletes that seek to learn more about God.  We hold weekly Bible studies to explore how faith, sport, and life intersect. We hold monthly service trips to get involved in our local community. All are welcome to any of our events! 

Claremont Colleges Buddhism    

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Claremont Colleges Buddhism is a non-sectarian student organization aiming to introduce students to a wide range of Buddhist teachers and schools. We hope to promote a better understanding of Buddhism across the Claremont Colleges through discussions, panels, field trips, guest speakers, and innovative media. You do not need to be Buddhist to join this organization. We welcome all!

KGI Breaking Bread Christian Fellowship    

Breaking Bread welcomes the KGI community for worship, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. Our group is student lead, and supported by wonderful faculty and staff, as well as the McAlister Center. We gather on Sunday evenings for dinner and worship, and also regularly throughout the semesters.      

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Inactive Groups

These groups have been active in the past, but we are not aware of current activity or student leadership. See something interesting here and want to get it going again? Come talk to us!

Religious Affiliates 

Religious Affiliates are persons who typically are employed by or are representatives of off-campus religious bodies or groups, but who work and interact with students and/or other college community members on campus. The safety of students and the promotion of a healthy and vibrant religious/spiritual climate at the Claremont Colleges are of utmost concern to the Chaplains and The Claremont Colleges. In order to facilitate/interact with student religious/spiritual groups at The Claremont Colleges, one must be registered with the Office of the Chaplains as a Religious Affiliate. Registration as a Religious Affiliate comes with benefits, including regular communication with the Office of the Chaplains and possible listing of the religious/spiritual organization on the Chaplain’s website and/or through other outlets. Download our Religious Affiliates Guidelines or our Religious Affiliate Application for more information.