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At The Claremont Colleges, Chaplains serve as confidential spiritual counselors, emotional leaders, and provide ethical leadership to the campus community at large. There are four Chaplains onsite, a Rabbi, Imam, Catholic Priest, and Protestant Minister. Though each Chaplain holds a specific faith, they encourage and support all religious and spiritual student groups and communities on campus. It is the goal of the Chaplains to strengthen individual faith and promote interfaith relations. The Chaplains offer religious support, engagement opportunities, and create a faith community for students as they pursue their education.

Major Religious Holy During the 2023-2024

Fall   23-24

Janmashtami                            Hindu                 Sept. 6

Paryushana                                                           Sept. 11-18

Rosh Hashanah:                      Jewish                Sept. 15-evening of Sept. 17

Yom Kippur:                            Jewish                 Sept. 24-evening of Sept. 25

Mawilid al-Nabi

(birthday of Mohammad)     Islamic                 Sept. 27

Sukkot                                      Jewish                  Sept. 29-evening of Oct. 6

Shemini Atzeret                      Jewish                  Oct. 6-evening of Oct. 7

Simchat Torah                        Jewish                  Oct. 7-evening of Oct. 8

Indigenous People Day                                        Oct. 9

Navratri/ Dussehra                  Hindu                  Oct. 16th – 24th

Bandi Chhor Divas                   Sikh                     Nov. 12

Diwali                                         Hindu                  Nov. 12

Native American Heritage Day                          Nov. 24

Kartik Purnima                                                      Nov. 27

Guru Nanak Jayanti                Sikh                      Nov. 27


WINTER    23-24

Hanukkah                                  Jewish                 Dec. 8-15

Our Lady of Guadalupe           Catholic              Dec. 12

Kwanzaa                                                                   Dec. 12 – Jan. 1

Christmas                                 Christian              Dec. 25

New Year’s Day                                                      Jan. 1st

Christmas                                Christian              Jan. 8


Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti     Sikh                    Jan. 17

Tu B’Shvat                                  Jewish               Jan. 24-25


SPRING     23-24

 Lunar New Year                                                     Feb. 10

Beginning of Lent                   Christian               Feb. 14


Ash Wednesday                     Catholic                  Feb. 14

Maha Shivaratri                     Hindu                    March 8

Beginning of Ramadan          Islamic                  March 11

Purim                                        Jewish                  March 23-24

Holi                                             Hindu                  March 25

Good Friday                            Christian              March 29

Easter                                       Christian              March 31

Lailat al-Qadr                          Islamic                  April 6-13

Eid al-Fitr                                  Islamic                  April 10

Vaisakihi                                    Sikh                       April 13

Ramanavami                           Hindu                    April 17

Mahavir                                     Buddhist              April 21

Passover                                   Jewish                   April 23 – 30

SUMMER   23-24


Orthodox                                  Christian              May 3

Good Friday                             Orthodox

Easter                                  Christian                  May 5


Shavuot                              Jewish                     June 11-13

Martyrdum of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib            June 16

Eid al- Adha                            Islamic               June 17

Juneteeth                                                            June 19

*Dates may vary based on region and moon calendar

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