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Imam Adeel Zeb
Muslim Chaplain

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم!ْ‎ I was born in New Jersey, but grew up in Dallas Texas (I am a Green Bay Packers fan—long story), my NBA allegiance is generally more location-fluid, currently Lakers and Clippers, I know! I have lived all over the US, except for the Midwest. I have traversed the globe for personal and professional explorations, including studying abroad in Istanbul and Oman. I was not into religion or spirituality in my more nascent years. It was during college that I went to Mecca for ‘Umrah (mini-Ḥajj) and experienced a salient connection with the Divine. I was in an Islamic “Super Saiyan” mode, but I did not have a strong Muslim support system or spiritual guide to model the application of being Muslim in America, which effectively motivated me to become a chaplain. My purpose then evolved to spiritually connecting people of all backgrounds. I am super into comics and general nerdy stuff-but in a cool way, (I have limits people). I love engaging in a (halal-ish) life of holistic wellness participating in a myriad of physical and mindful activities including Wing Chun (詠春) Kung Fu. You can find me across the 7Cs at the gyms, dining halls, campus specific social events, and of course at the McAlister interfaith center. The focus of my work is the intersectionality (coined by Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw) of spirituality and social justice. I advise various interfaith and cross-cultural student groups and try my best to convince students, spirituality is cool and to “be excellent to each other.”

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B.B.A in Business Administration, Baylor University
B.S. in Traditional Islamic Sciences, Arees University
M.A. in Islamic Studies/Christian Muslim Relations, Hartford Seminary
G.C. Islamic Chaplaincy, Hartford Seminary
PhD in Religion and Social Justice Candidate, Claremont Graduate University