Contact Campus Mail

Phone | (909) 607-3133
Email | campusmail@claremont.edu

Campus Mail
The Claremont Colleges Library – 1st Floor
800 North Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont, CA, 91711

Hours | Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Campus Mail

Located inside of the Honnald-Mudd library, campus mail is the center a center for deliveries to the Claremont Colleges. Besides providing The Claremont Colleges with intercampus delivery services, the campus mail center also helps distribute library books and learning materials out to patrons all over the United States. The Campus Mail staff helps students, faculty, and staff from all of the colleges send and receive mail year around.

Programs and Services

  • Pick up and deliver intercampus mail
  • Receive, sort and deliver USPS, UPS, FEDEX and DHL parcels to the mailrooms and offices of The Claremont Colleges Services and its member institutions
  • Pick up, package and process/stamp interlibrary books for national and international destinations
  • Pick up and stamp outgoing first class business mail from various offices and mailrooms of The Claremont Colleges
  • Shuttle the TRICOR interlibrary book delivery bags to and from library circulation

Intercampus Mail

  • When utilizing the reusable envelopes provided by the Campus Mail Service, please provide a complete name and campus address. Incomplete addresses will result in delays or failures to deliver. You can order additional envelopes by calling us at extension 73133 or 77484 or by emailing us at campusmail@claremont.edu.

How to Use Campus Mail Services

  • Deposit mail in the designated location in your department or building for pickup and delivery by the carrier. Campus Mail Service provides free reusable envelopes in two sizes. We reserves the right to refuse to pick up or deliver any mail for any just cause, such as excessive size or quantity, illegal or dangerous mail.

Regulations Governing Campus Mail Services

  • Each internal address should contain the recipient’s name, department and college or service. Envelope size must conform to the restrictions of the United States Postal Service (longest length plus smallest girth exceeds 84″ and/or weight exceeds 40 lbs.) Please call the mailroom in advance if you have large bulk mailing (20 or more items) Also, please ensure all items face the same direction, and the items are grouped based upon college/department, and secure bundle with rubber bands. Registered student organizations may use bulk mail for appropriate campus activities. When used as self-mailers, size 8 ½ x 11 inch single sheets should be folded in thirds, with the address visible on the outside. Mail marked “personal” or “confidential” will be accepted if sealed. Parcels in excess of 40 pounds or more than four in number will NOT be delivered by the Campus Mail Service, and must be picked up within five working days or they will be returned to sender


  • The following may not be sent by Campus Mail Service: Any package that does not conform to the restrictions of the USPS Campus-originated personal announcements or advertisements Political announcements (any document endorsing a candidate for public office, supporting or opposing, or soliciting signatures on a petition for any issue that may appear on a ballot) Mail containing cash, stamps or negotiable instruments Mail requiring special handling or delivery Mail to be delivered off-campus other than via USPS Mail considered illegal by USPS, including chain letters

USPS Boxing

  • Priority flat rate envelopes and boxes are available for purchase at the Connection (located in the lobby of The Claremont Colleges Library.)