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Student Health Services Updates

Student Health Services provides updates to The Claremont Colleges student community regarding the return to campus, general health advisories, and COVID-19 testing and guidance. For full information on The Claremont Colleges approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the consortial The Claremont Colleges COVID-19 Website.

Sexual Health

Student Health Services

Claremont Colleges Student Health Services (SHS) provides patient-centered healthcare to our campus community in a professional and empathetic manner to help support the student’s well-being and success. Student Health Services is available to and welcomes all students enrolled at Claremont Colleges. SHS will provide healthcare services to all students at the 7C’s regardless of your individual insurance plan. Most health insurance plans reimburse for general preventative services. Don’t let finances be a barrier to getting care!

Sexual Health

At Student Health Services, we provide a variety of services for sexual health including diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, gynecologic examinations, Pap Smear testing (screening for cervical cancer), initiation and maintenance of various contraceptive methods, diagnostic microscopy for vaginal infections, and vaccines such as the HPV vaccine to help protect against genital warts, cervical cancer, and anal cancer.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Screening for cervical cancer with a pelvic exam which includes Pap Smear testing is recommended for people who have a uterus starting at age 21 years. This remains true regardless of whether you have or have not had sex before. This service is provided by appointment only. Be sure to schedule your appointment when you are not on your menstrual cycle. At least 48 hours before your pelvic exam, avoid douching, sexual intercourse, use of tampons, and any vaginal creams or gels. The cost of the gynecologic examination with Pap Smear testing is $ 85.00.

Emergency Contraception (EContra EZ)

Levonorgestrel or more commonly known as “the morning after pill” is a form of emergency contraception. Emergency contraception is used after unprotected sex to help prevent pregnancy. It is recommended to take EContra EZ as soon as possible after unprotected sex to be most effective and ideally to take within 72 hours of unprotected sex. If taken within the first 24 hours of unprotected sex, it is found to reduce the risk of pregnancy by 95%. EContra EZ is available at Student Health Services. The cost is $15.00 and no appointment is needed to pick up the medication. EContra EZ is also FDA approved for over-the-counter purchase. In California, you can buy most emergency contraception from a pharmacy without a prescription and without proving your age. You can buy emergency contraception regardless of how old you are. You may have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter. Some emergency contraception, “Ella,” is prescription-only. *Please check with your state guidelines and pharmacy availability.

Birth Control Information

There are various forms of contraception (birth control) which includes barrier methods, birth control pills, Depo-Provera injection, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and implants (placed underneath the skin of your upper arm). At Student Health Services, we offer birth control pills (taken daily) and Depo-Provera injection (administered every three months). We will have a discussion of your various options to help you decide which is the best option for you. If long-acting birth control methods are desired such as the IUD or arm implant, we will help provide you with a referral to a local gynecologist.

Please see link for list of local providers:

For students with the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) with Aetna Insurance, please see the DocFind Provider Directory:

Infections and Other Problems

Sexual health is an important part of your overall health for all genders. If you are having any urinary or vaginal symptoms such as pain, itching, or rash, please contact SHS to schedule your visit.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

We offer STI screening including HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia testing. In addition, we can provide evaluation for other sexually transmitted infections such as herpes and hepatitis. Please see the list below for the cost of Sexual Health Services.

Pregnancy Testing

If any concern for pregnancy, we can offer pregnancy testing which is typically recommended four weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period or two weeks from an unprotected sexual encounter. Both urine and blood pregnancy testing is available. No test is 100% accurate. Urine pregnancy testing costs $10.00 and blood pregnancy testing costs $17.00.

Safe Sex Practices

We offer for all students free of cost a variety of condoms (external and internal) and dental dams. In addition, we carry lubricants, and barriers for manual/digital sex such as finger cuffs and gloves. Please feel free to take as much as needed or ask us any questions!

HPV Vaccine (Gardasil 9)

The HPV vaccine is the only vaccine that helps reduce the risk of cancer. It is used to help prevent anal cancer, genital warts, cervical and oral cancers associated with the Human papillomavirus (HPV). Because of its protection against multiple diseases associated with the HPV virus, it is recommended for all genders. Gardasil 9 vaccine is available at SHS for the cost of $300 per injection. If the vaccine series is started at age 15 years or older, a total of three doses is recommended for optimal protection. For more information, please see CDC recommendations:

Sexual Health Services Fees

Well Woman Exam (includes breast exam and Pap Smear testing) $85.00

Sure Path Pap with HPV testing per guidelines $125.00

Diagnostic Microscopy for vaginal infections $15.00

Urinalysis testing $15.00

Pregnancy Testing (Blood) $17.00

Pregnancy Testing (Urine) $10.00

Birth Control Pills (one cycle/month pack) $15.00

Depo-Provera Injection $100.00

Barriers (condoms, dental dams) FREE

Emergency Contraception (EContra EZ) $15.00

HIV test $22.00

STI Panel #1 (HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes simplex) $70.00

STI Panel #2 (syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes simplex) $60.00

STI Panel #3 (HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia) $61.00

STI Panel #4 (syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia) $53.00

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia (urine) $50.00

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia (throat) $50.00

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia (rectal) $50.00

Herpes Simplex Virus testing (blood) $19.00

Herpes Simplex Virus testing (culture) $42.00

Prices are subject to change