No. If you are sure that medication management is the only mental health support you are looking for, it’s OK to schedule a one-hour initial medication evaluation directly with one of the MCAPS psychiatrists. If you are seeking continued medication services with a psychiatrist you have previously worked with, you can schedule a 30-minute ongoing medication check appointment. However, if you are not sure whether you need medication or not, or if you think you may also want other mental health services or referrals, a brief initial assessment is appropriate.

Please note that, due to the complexity of licensing laws and the challenges of providing telehealth care, psychiatrists may not be able to provide medication management for all students in all locations. Please feel free to schedule an initial visit with one of our psychiatrists, and they will consult with you to determine whether telehealth visits are appropriate in your case; if not, we will be glad to assist you in finding the right care in your home area.

Students may also use the following link to request referrals directly: