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Committed to promoting psychological wellness for all students served by The Claremont Colleges Services


To schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist please call (909) 621-8202. All appointments are scheduled in advance unless in the event of a psychological emergency. Services such as intake appointments, individual and group therapy and psychiatric evaluation and follow-up are available at no charge to students. Please note that we do not have a pharmacy on site and prescription drug costs are the responsibility of the student. For no-show or late cancellations (less than two hours) a fee of $15 may be applied.

Specifying Therapists

If you prefer to see a particular therapist, inform the receptionist, who will work to make a timely appointment. Please note that a requested therapist may result in a longer waiting period before your first appointment. If you come in for an intake appointment and you are dissatisfied with your initial therapist for whatever reason, you may contact the receptionist to accommodate a change.

First-time Appointment

For the first appointment, the receptionist will ask you to come in early to fill out paperwork. Such paperwork takes on average 20 to 30 minutes to complete and is crucial in helping us to determine the best way for us to meet your needs.

Brief Therapy

MCAPs provides short-term therapy, 8 sessions per academic years, which focuses on helping a person to resolve or effectively manage a specific problem or challenge. Students who would benefit from long-term treatment are referred to pre-screened, qualified clinicians in the community. Students must make financial arrangements for therapy outside of MCAPS, but often clinicians accept health insurance or a sliding payment scale. Alternatively, your MCAPS therapist may refer you to group therapy or a workshop module to meet your specific needs.

Psychiatric Consultation

Psychiatric consultation is available. There is no limit on the number of visits allowed for medication management.


At MCAPS, we adhere to the American Psychological Association (APA) Ethics Code, all relevant California state laws and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Whenever there is any discrepancy between these guidelines, we follow the highest or most stringent ethical standard, as advised by the APA Ethics Code. Specifically, this means that no information will be revealed to anyone outside of MCAPS without written permission from the client, except where disclosure is required by law. For more information regarding confidentiality see our FAQs.