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Uplink Studio

The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) is the central coordinating and support organization for a highly regarded cluster of seven independent colleges known as The Claremont Colleges located in Southern California.

The TV studio (formerly call the Satellite Uplink studio) is available for use by The Claremont Colleges (TCC) communication teams. The studio provides for staff, faculty and student with the ability to share their expertise, perspectives and opinions to audiences around the country and the world via broadcast media.

Studio Use Requests from The Claremont Colleges

Faculty, staff and other members of The Claremont Colleges community may request to use the studio by contacting their college’s communications office.

Reserving the Studio

College communications offices can reserve the studio via e-mail at

The studio scheduling coordinator will book reservations via the centralized online booking calendar, event management system MS and make arrangements with the TCCS studio staff. Reservations should be made as soon as an event is scheduled to ensure availability.

Reservation Requests from External Entities

Unfortunately, due to staffing constraints, we cannot accommodate requests from external individuals or groups to use television studio.


Oversight, budgeting, and operational use of the studio are the management responsibilities of the Claremont Colleges Services’s communications unit.


For questions about using the studio, please contact Kim Lane, AVP of Communications, TCCS