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TCC Policies

The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) is the central coordinating and support organization for a highly regarded cluster of seven independent colleges known as The Claremont Colleges located in Southern California.

The Claremont Colleges Policies

0102Conflict of Interest

  • 0102Conflict of Interest Policy Explanation and Definitions
  • 0102Annual Conflict of Interest Declaration Form

0106Land Acquisition Policy

0110Policy on Use of TCC Land, Acquisition of New Land and the TCC Land Bank

  •  0110Supplement Property Valuation and Replacement Cost Review

0113Record Retention Disposal Policy

0114Board Review of Executive Compensation

0116Tax Exempt Bond Policy

4007Approval of Contracts Purchase Orders and Payments

4009 – Spending Policy for New Funds in the Investment Pool

4010 – TCC Investment Policy

4011Opening and Closing of Bank Accounts

5003Equal Employment Opportunity

5004Anti-harassment Policy