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The Eating Disorder Task Force is a collaborative effort by Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services (MCAPS), Student Health Services (SHS), Health Education Outreach (HEO), Athletics, and the Dean of Student office to provide resources and direct services to students struggling with eating disorders.

Getting Help

Student Wellness Team at The Claremont Colleges is committed to helping students access treatment.

If you are concerned for your own well-being, you can make an appointment with MCAPS, SHS, or HEO to get more information about disordered eating or to undergo an assessment. If you are concerned for someone else’s well-being, you can encourage them to start with any of the above-mentioned services or take the anonymous screening tool found on the right hand panel. If you are interested in off-campus resources, you can find a list below of community providers who specialize in disordered eating.

Please contact any of the EDTF members at MCAPS if you need any help narrowing your choices.

Community Referrals

This list of community therapists is provided as a courtesy. It is the client’s responsibility to verify credentials and insurance coverage prior to initiating services:

National Referrals