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Testing Accommodations

Supporting the academic pursuits of students with disabilities across The Claremont College community.

Who are test-taking accommodations for?

Students who benefit from extended time, distraction-reduced settings and/or assistive technology may be approved for testing services at the Student Disability Resource Center.

Test-taking services availability

  • Monday–Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM 

Test administration forms

Request for Test Proctoring PDF

Request for Test Proctoring Online Submission

For any questions or concerns, please email Lisette Sanchez at Lisette

Testing procedures

Student responsibilities

  • Send your accommodation letters to your professors.

  • Initiate discussions with your professor about your exam accommodations.

  • Schedule your test at least three days in advance with the SDRC.

  • Arrive at the scheduled time to begin the test. If you are late, that amount of time will be deducted from your overall extended time. In some cases this may need to be cleared with your professor.

  • Abide by policies related to academic integrity and academic misconduct as outlined in on the back of the request for proctoring sheet.

Faculty responsibilities

  • Be sure to have your student’s exam arrive to the SDRC at least one day in advance. You may also email it to

  • Contact the SDRC by telephone (909) 607-7419 or e-mail to notify your student of changes to test content prior to or during tests.

  • Consider being available by telephone or e-mail during the test in case the student with the disability requires clarification on any aspect of the test. Please provide the best contact method to the student when completing the request for proctoring form.

SDRC responsibilities

  • Collaborate with faculty to ensure that all tests we proctor are administered in an environment respectful of the students’ needs and the academic integrity of the testing process.

  • Respond to all requests for clarification about our testing procedures within 24 business hours of receipt of inquiry.

  • Ensure that all test materials are provided to students in an accessible format.

  • Protect the academic integrity of tests by:

    • Only accepting changes to test details in writing from faculty.

    • Providing secure proctoring services.

    • Reporting any suspicion of violations of the code of conduct to appropriate faculty.

  • Return completed tests to faculty, usually within 24 hours of completion, using one of the following options:

    • Email to faculty. Please note: Blue book exams will not be emailed.

    • Faculty or a designated colleague may pick up tests from SDRC.