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Student Organizations

Supporting the academic pursuits of students with disabilities across The Claremont College community.

Disability, Illness & Difference Alliance (DIDA) 

The Disability Illness and Difference Alliance (DIDA) is a student-led group for disabled students and their allies. DIDA is committed to creating safe spaces for discussions surrounding issues of disability, and to confronting and organizing against ableism on campus. We promote awareness of disability issues through weekly discussions, events, and other programming. DIDA members work collaboratively to create community, share knowledge, and discuss ways to improve the experiences of disabled students at the Claremont Colleges.


5C Disability Mentor Network (5CDMN) 

The 5C Disability Mentor Network (5CDMN) is a student-led program that brings together disabled students across the Claremont Colleges. Through the 5CDMN, disabled students build meaningful friendships and connections, learn from each other, and have fun! 5CDMN is structured around the belief that we all have valuable and important experiences and knowledge to share with others. Unlike other mentorship programs, the 5C Disability Mentor Network consists of small groups of students of all class years. These groups, lead by a student “facilitator”, are organized around a mix of shared interests and/or similar disabilities. 5CDMN members are encouraged to spend time both with their small group and with other groups at various 5CDMN events and activities that take place over the course of the year.

President: Grace Richey

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Additional information: 5CDMN Facebook


Graduate Student Disability Advocates GSDA

The Graduate Student Disability Advocates (GSDA), is a student led group committed to the academic success of graduate students with disabilities at the Claremont Colleges. The Graduate Student Disability Advocates are committed to providing a voice and official channel for students with disabilities at the Claremont consortium to communicate with administration. The GSDA seeks to promote and advocate for equitable access to all academic opportunities around the Claremont Colleges. Additionally, this body shall act as an independent advocacy group for student with disabilities and raise awareness. This entails being proactively engaged in campus decisions to ensure students with disabilities will not be adversely affected, and that students with disabilities are aware of those decisions. GSDA members seek to ensure that students with disabilities are aware of the rights granted to them by the Americans with Disabilities Act (and related laws), and what resources are available to them. The GSDA is also meant to provide a community where students with disabilities feel comfortable, safe, and supported.

President: Brittany Merson

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Additional information: GSDA Facebook