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Vehicle Use and Guideliness

Committed to raising awareness and protecting resources by promoting risk-averse policies and practices.

Driver’s Guidelines:

Drivers will not be eligible to drive a college-owned vehicle if…

  • Driver’s license is suspended or revoked

  • Driver has been convicted of one or more of the following within the last three years

    • Driving under the influence

    • Hit and run

    • Evading the police

    • Reckless driving

    • Negligent homicide arising out of the use of a motor vehicle

    • Operating a vehicle during a period of suspension or revocation

    • Using a motor vehicle without owner’s authority (grand theft)

  • Speed contests or any combination of four “at fault accidents,” “not at fault accidents” and/or moving violations

Automobile Insurance:

  • The college’s commercial auto insurance covers only vehicles rented, leased or owned by the colleges.

  • The colleges self-insure all physical damage to college vehicles and will reimburse departments for repairs for physical damage subject to a $100 deductible.

  • If a college vehicle is involved in a property damage or personal injury accident, it must be reported to the office of Risk Management as soon as possible.

Personal Auto:

  • When using a personal vehicle for business, personal automobile insurance coverage is used first.

  • The college’s automobile coverage is secondary and will provide excess automobile liability coverage in the event of third-party claims.

  • No comprehensive or collision coverage is provided for your personal vehicle by the college’s insurance.