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Insurance Requirements for Vendors, Providers and Contractors

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All contractors and other vendors doing business with The Claremont Colleges must provide proof of insurance that meets the colleges’ standards.

  • The Claremont College(s) must be named as the additional insured in terms of general liability coverage. Minimum General Liability requirements are $1M per occurrance $2M aggregate. Higher limits may be required for certain vendors or projects.
  • All contracts must contain a standard indemnification clause.
  • Coverages are to be considered as minimum requirements and in no way limits the liability of the contractor.
  • A certificate of insurance with the coverage and listing of the college(s) as the certificate holder must be obtained before work begins by the vendor/contractor.
  • Coverages represented on the certificates of insurance must show policy numbers, effective dates and limits.
  • All policies shall provide evidence of insurance written by a carrier licensed in the state of California and rated at least “A” in “A.M.’s Best’s Key Rating Guide.”
  • Renewal certificates of insurance shall be provided annually until the work is completed.