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OBSA Yearly Calendar

The Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA) is a cultural center and service unit within the Claremont University Consortium.

2019 Black History Month Calendar

Scheduled Black History month events organized and supported by OBSA staff, including additional events occurring around the colleges and in the local community for the annual celebration. Featuring cultural shows, film screenings, community dinners, performances and more. 

Yearly OBSA Events and Services


  • OBSA Mentorship events (Highlight: Meet and Greet, Mentor Trainings, Annual Retreat)
  • OBSA Open House
  • OBSA Social Lunches (October and November)
  • OBSA Arts Engagement events


  • OBSA Mentorship Activities and Events (Highlight: Mentor Recruitment, Interviews and Selection) 
  • OBSA Social Dinners (December and February)
  • Arts Engagement events
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Anchor Events: Fireside Chat, Dinner and Keynote 
  • Black History Month Celebration including Black Arts Festival, Community Dinner and various events
  • OBSA Mentor recruitment begins


  • Black Intersections Conference
  • OBSA Mentorship Activities and Events (Highlight: Mentor Training I, Mentee recruitment)
  • OBSA Mentee recruitment begins
  • Arts Engagement events
  • OBSA Black Alumni-Student Open House Brunch
  • OBSA/Draper Center Black Alternabreak
  • Black Graduation and Dr. Agnes Moreland Jackson Service Awards