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Current Programs

The Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA) is a cultural center and service unit within the Claremont University Consortium.

Current Programs 

  • The Black Book: A resource guide for students of African descent at The Claremont Colleges.

    • Each year, OBSA publishes The Black Book to assist students in identifying essential services and faculty and staff of African descent at The Claremont Colleges.

    • The Black Book supports students in connecting to communities of African descent at The Claremont Colleges and beyond, including listings of local Black owned and Black Alumni-owned businesses.

    • Students can easily locate and access health and wellness related services, as well as shared service resources across the colleges

    • The book is updated yearly and printed copies are made available to participants in the OBSA Mentorship Program.

    • View all publications of the Black Book by clicking the links below:

  • OBSA Mentorship 

    • OBSA Mentorship is a community for first-year undergraduate students matched with upper-class students across the five undergraduate colleges. 

    • The program runs fall through spring. Mentees are recruited from all five undergraduate colleges over the summer, selected and matched before classes begin. Mentors are interviewed and selected in winter/spring.

    • Mentorship offers an overnight retreat, mentor training and yearlong activities and events to assist in the freshman year transition process.

    • We are now accepting applicants from current sophomores, juniors and seniors to participate in OBSA Mentorship as Mentors DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 15, 2019

    • Are you a first-year student entering The Claremont Colleges this fall? Applications for 2019-2020 will open in May 2019, check here for the link to the form.

  • OBSA Building Partnerships Grant

    • A funding award process open to student organizations or individuals who wish to develop a collaborative project that supports OBSA’s mission.

    • Students meeting the criteria are coached through the program development process and funding amounts varied based on stipulations of the grant, which meets the following goals: 1) incorporating student projects and input into OBSA’s yearly programming 2) providing opportunities to students to fund unique, innovative projects 3) continuing OBSA’s commitment to student engagement and development. Cycles are awarded biannually.

    • For grant information and criteria, email 

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Events

    • A celebration of the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) that occurs each January. A 7C committee chaired by the OBSA dean and a representative from the yearly host institution develops an annual theme and invites a distinguished keynote who underlines Dr. King’s impact and commitment to social justice. The committee collects and compiles submitted events for the yearly MLK events calendar.

    • The mission of the MLK commemoration committee is as follows:

      The Claremont Colleges Martin Luther King Jr. commemorative events planning committee is charged with the celebration of the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the organization and delivery of key events that anchor the series. The committee is dedicated to highlighting events in The Claremont Colleges specifically designed to uplift the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., particularly those that emphasize interdisciplinary learning, dialogue and community engagement. Finally, events that fall under the banner of the 7C Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration are to promote active discussion of themes related to local and global social justice, equity and civic responsibility and other concepts as exemplified by the teachings of Rev. King. The committee views the events as a means to encourage positive relationships between diverse communities of students, faculty and staff within The Claremont Colleges. It is therefore with a sense of purposeful collaboration that the committee seeks to observe and celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

  • Black History Month annual celebration

    • (February) An annual celebration of Black History at The Claremont Colleges. OBSA collects submitted events from student organizations, departments and units to develop a monthly calendar to highlight and promote student-generated events and those occurring across the colleges.

    • OBSA sponsors several community engagement anchor events for the month, including student-organized art and cultural festivals, a family dinner and faculty keynote, film series, educational events and more.

  • Social lunches and dinners:

    • These are themed meals that occur monthly throughout the academic year. Social lunches occur fall semester, and social dinners occur winter semester.

    • Social lunches target the 7C community and are a way to introduce students, faculty and staff to key TCCS resources, new initiatives in OBSA and 7C resources while offering space for social engagement. Social dinners target students, occur in winter and are tie-ins to OBSA’s monthly campus-wide celebrations and provide an additional community for students.

  • OBSA Arts Engagement program

    • OBSA’s co-curricular arts engagement program connects students to a range of arts-related events, opportunities and initiatives across the colleges and occurs throughout each academic year. OBSA Arts Engagement program offers a series of outcome-based campus performances, local outings, presentations and calls for submissions to promote student cultural, social and educational development and self-expression, as well as support exposure to campus and local arts initiatives.

  • OBSA Alternative Spring Break program

    • (March) Known as OBSA Black Alternabreak, this is a service trip for undergraduate students of African descent, connecting enrolled 5C students to Black communities in California beyond The Claremont Colleges. Black Alternabreak is a service-based model for students to examine issues of access, environment and marginalization and take measures toward resolving social problems affecting people of African descent locally. The outings occur over spring break and include discussion-based activities, community renewal projects and engagement with local activist groups. Presented in collaboration with the Pomona College Draper Center for Community Partnerships.

  • Black Alumni Engagement

    • OBSA has several initiatives that include and engage Black alumni from The Claremont Colleges. Read more here

  • Black Graduation and Dr. Agnes Jackson Service Awards

    • (April) OBSA’s jointly held graduation and service awards ceremony honors graduates from The Claremont Colleges in all degree programs. Featuring an alumni keynote, OBSA and community-nominated distinctions, graduate recognition and post-event reception for attendees. Graduates receive complimentary kente stoles. Calls for registration begin in February each year.