Read the official statement about TCCS changing its name.

What is the new name?

The official legal entity will become The Claremont Colleges Inc. TCCS will become The Claremont Colleges Services (TCC Services), a unit of The Claremont Colleges Inc.

  • TCC Inc. is the legal entity and will be the employer.
  • TCC Services (TCCS) is the service unit of TCC Inc. and includes all former TCCS departments.
  • TCC (The Claremont Colleges), which includes the seven colleges:
    • Five undergraduate: Pomona College, Scripps College, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College and Pitzer College
    • Two graduate: Claremont Graduate University and Keck Graduate Institute

What is the benefit of the change?

TCCS will now be able to clearly articulate that we are a part of The Claremont Colleges.

Should I start using the new name now?

No, the name change to TCC Services will be effective on Jan.1, 2018.

How will TCCS department-branded information be replaced?

Based on a review conducted over the summer of 2017, that information has been prioritized based on visibility and timeliness. Your unit will be contacted individually for the branding transition. Examples of branded information are business cards, signage, letter heads, uniforms, vehicles, etc.

Will our vendors be notified?

The Name Change Committee will provide a standardized communication to individual departments for distribution to vendors. Please contact Kim Lane, AVP of communications if that template does not fit your needs.

What is my role in the change?

We ask that TCCS staff be ambassadors for the name change and that you share information and resources surrounding the name change. If you need clear clarification, please submit your questions to

Should social media pages be updated?

Yes, social media websites that are maintained by individual departments should be changed to reflect the name change starting Jan. 1, 2018.

How will TCCS website branding be changed? And who will do it?

Most website information will be transitioned internally by TCCS communications. Individual departments will be contacted if further involvement is needed.

Will the name change impact my staff benefits, payroll, or privileges?

No, all will remain the same.

What will my new email address be?

Your new email address will be formatted as or Your previous email address will be maintained as an alias. This means you will still receive emails sent to your old email address.

Will I get a new ID Card?


Get a new Polo Shirt

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