The Claremont Colleges Library Unionization


A petition was filed by the California Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO (the union) with the National Labor Relations Board to represent approximately forty members of The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) Library Staff.

The National Labor Relations Act gives employees in the United States the right to organize, form, join or assist a union and engage in other protected concerted activity. The National Labor Relations Act also specifically gives employees the right to refrain from engaging in any of these activities.

TCCS’ Library Staff are well-educated, highly skilled, and engaged. As employees who are dedicated to inquiry and critical analysis, TCCS knows that they will think carefully about the decision to unionize, educate themselves, and ask wise and probing questions both of the union and of TCCS.

TCCS is committed to the individual interests and employment rights of our library staff:

  • We respect the rights and opinions of our Library staff, including their right to join or not to join a union through a secret ballot election, free from intimidation or coercion from anyone.
  • We believe it is up to our Library staff to choose, or not to choose, to join a union. It is their decision – not TCCS’ and not a union’s – and we will respect their decision.
  • We believe that individuals considering union representation have the right to be fully informed with accurate information so that they can make a decision that is right for them.
  • Guided by our own high standards, we will abide by our state and federal labor laws.

TCCS believes that each employee who is eligible to vote will choose what they sincerely believe to be in their and TCCS’ best interests. TCCS will respect the outcome of that vote. TCCS will not discriminate against employees before or after the vote because they support or oppose a union.