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Programs and Services

If we don't have it, we can help you find it!


Outreach and workshops are generally provided by request. If you are interested in collaborating with HEO on programs, presentations, outreach events, or workshops, please fill out the Program Request Form. HEO provides programming for students on the following topics:

  • Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs
  • Sexual health/sexuality
  • Stress/mental health
  • Sleep
  • Exercise/nutrition

Note: the above list serves as a basic guideline of programs offered by HEO. Possible programs are not limited to such categories. For more information on customizing a program, please contact us at

In-Office Services and Resources

HIV Testing

Free, rapid HIV antibody testing is conducted weekly by an HIV Testing Counselor certified through Los Angeles County. Click here for testing schedule and more information.

Condoms and Safer-Sex Supplies

HEO offers free safer sex supplies to all students, including:

  • male/external condoms
  • female/internal condoms
  • finger condoms
  • dental dams
  • non-latex gloves
  • non-latex condoms (polyurethane)
  • silicone-based and aloe-based lubricant

We have a variety of brands and sizes, and students may take up to six condoms per visit. RAs, proctors, mentors, and sponsors looking to stock their halls can pick up pre-made bags that contain 12 standard condoms and lube.

Pregnancy Testing and Birth Control Education

HEO offers free and confidential pregnancy testing, in which trained Peer Health Educators provide information and guidance while assisting students in taking an over-the-counter pregnancy test. There is no need for an appointment – just walk in and request a test any time during open hours. PHEs can also discuss the different types of contraception and barrier methods, and refer students to outside resources if needed.

Massage Chair/Relaxation Room

Come use our Relaxation Room! You’ll find a full body massage chair, personal massage tools, aroma therapy, and space to meditate, color, do yoga, or relax with your friends. No appointment required!

Health and Wellness Literature/Zine Collection

We have a wide variety of brochures, handouts, books, and DVDs about many different health/wellness-related topics. We also have a wall of zines related to self-care, identity, the LGBT community, and more. Browse through them while you’re in the massage chair or check them out for a class or program!

One-on-One Health Education

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Come in and chat with a Peer Health Educator about all your health and wellness needs and questions. Everything from nutrition, sex(uality), alcohol and marijuana, to anxiety and roommate issues. While Peer Wellness Coaching is not a replacement for counseling with a licensed therapist, we use tools such as motivational interviewing, the eight dimensions of health and wellness, harm reduction, and goal setting to help you figure out what’s best for you. Request an appointment with a trained PHE using our Peer Wellness Coaching request form, or reach out to our professional staff.