Student Health Services has vending machines dispensing FREE self-testing kits! Get your saliva PCR test on-demand today at one of the 6 vending machines across campus!

How To Video

Watch the ShieldT3 ‘How To’ video for the full visual process of using the testing kit vending machines. Read here for tips to producing saliva.

Vending Machine Locations

Get your saliva PCR test on-demand today at one of the 6 vending machines across campus! Students and staff can use any vending machine on campus, regardless of attending institution.

  1. The Claremont Colleges Library – South Entrance Hallway – 800 N Dartmouth Ave
  2. Pomona College – Walker Hall lounge – 700 North College Way
  3. Scripps College – 240 House front conference room – 240 11th Street
  4. Claremont McKenna College – Emmett Breezeway – 390 E 9th Street
  5. Harvey Mudd College – Platt Campus Center living room – 340 E Foothill Blvd
  6. Pitzer College – Atherton Hall northwest entrance – 1150 Pitzer Service Rd

See pinned locations on our interactive map here.

Collection Times

Drop off your specimen shortly after collection (within 2 hours). Drop off your sample in the drop off bin adjacent to the vending machine. Your sample will be picked up weekdays at 1pm and 5pm.

Details & Restrictions

Get your results via email or text within 24-48 hours of dropping off your sample! Samples should not be dropped off from Fridays at 5pm to Saturdays at 5pm. Samples provided during this period will become expired and rejected by the lab.

Having Trouble Accessing Your Portal?

Registered students and staff (staff who have completed appropriate consent documents with their campus) have existing portals with Student Health Services. If you are having trouble logging in, students please contact Student Health Services and staff please contact your HR department.

Machine Issue

Please submit a ticket to us for troubleshooting.

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Covid Test Vending Machine
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