COVID Screening Program

The main focus of asymptomatic testing (screening program) is to identify individuals who may be incubating infection, to isolate them promptly from the community, and initiate contact tracing to identify individuals who may have been exposed. While testing benefits the tested individual, our main public health objective is to reduce risk to the wider campus community.

Primary Testing Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday – 7:30am to 11:00am
Thursday – 9:30am to 11:00am

Those who cannot come during the primary testing hours, because their regular work hours occur outside those hours, may come Monday through Friday, 4:00pm to 4:30pm.

Anyone for whom none of the available testing hours overlaps with their regular work hours should contact their supervisor about alternate testing options.

Testing Location

All testing will be done at Tranquada Student Services Center, 757 College Way. Please use the south entrance off the parking lot and proceed to the check-in desk inside the lobby. A check-in line will be marked on the floor in six foot spacing increments. Please wear a mask.

After being checked-in you will be given a test card and a fact sheet about the test and directed to one of two canopies located on the northeast patio of Tranquada (facing Honnold Library). After being tested, please leave the testing area immediately. You will be notified electronically when your test results are available. You may proceed with your work shift as scheduled.

Testing Process

Testing is being done using an Abbott BinaxNow rapid antigen test which uses a lower nasal swab. Test results will be available within 20-30 minutes. Test results will be posted to an electronic portal that you will need to login to using your single sign on. If you consented, you will receive a text message notifying you when your results are available in the portal.

Anyone testing positive with the Abbott BinaxNow test will be presumed to have COVID-19 infection and asked to immediately isolate themselves from others on campus and promptly return for a confirmatory PCR (deeper nasal) test. Following the PCR test, they should immediately go home to isolate, as per public health guidelines, while waiting for the PCR result to come back (usually 24-48 hours). The PCR test result will be the final decision on positivity status.

If the PCR test confirms a COVID-19 infection, you will be contacted by the Contact Tracing department with further instructions and to determine whether you might have been in close contact with others while you were at work. You will need to complete your isolation period at home and will not be allowed back on campus until you have been cleared by your primary care doctor. After a laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19, you will be exempted from the COVID-19 screening program for a period of 3 (three) months.

If the PCR test comes back negative, then the initial rapid antigen test will be determined to have been a false positive result. You will no longer be presumed to have COVID-19 and can end your isolation and return to work. You will need to continue to participate in the COVID-19 screening program at your previously determined testing frequency.

Test Results Electronic Portal

Test results will be posted within 20-30 minutes to the Student Health Services portal at To see your test results you will need to login to the portal using your usual single sign-on credentials. If you consented, you will receive a text message notifying you when your results are available in the portal. Contact your local IT support if you have questions about which credentials to use.

If you do test positive with the Abbott BinaxNow test, you may be contacted directly by Student Health Services staff before you receive notification that your test results are available. In this event, please return immediately to the check-in desk at Tranquada for instructions on receiving the follow-up PCR test.

Screening Testing Eligibility

Screening testing eligibility is determined by each individual’s home institution. Student Health Services is conducting screening testing only for TCCS, HMC, and CGU staff and faculty. See these institutions policy pages for information on whether you are eligible and are required to participate in screening testing.

The other institutions are also conducting some screening testing of faculty and staff utilizing other healthcare providers. Please reference the following sites for information on screening testing requirements and logistics for the other institutions.

The Claremont Colleges consortial COVID-19 website was last updated March 2021. New update to come August 2021.