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The Claremont Colleges Impact on Local Economy

The City of Claremont and The Claremont Colleges have a long history of working together and cooperatively making Claremont a unique and special place.

In 2017, the City of Claremont and The Claremont Colleges commissioned a report to quantitatively measure the economic impact made by the five undergraduate and two graduate institutions on Claremont and the surrounding region.

Both organizations felt that it was important to provide data to inform discussions happening in the community related to the colleges and the City. The objective of the report is to provide an analysis of the local and regional economic impacts and interconnections between The Claremont Colleges and the community. The results of the report show a strong reciprocal relationship between the city and the colleges.

In order to measure the impact, the report analyzed a range of economic activity, including payroll dollars and employment figures, as well as spending by employees, student, visitors and vendors in the cities of Claremont and Upland and Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. In addition to economic impact, the report includes examples of the many ways in which the city of Claremont and the colleges work together to support community members through volunteer efforts and outreach support.

The City of Claremont and The Claremont Colleges co-funded the report, which was compiled by ALH Urban & Regional Economics, a Berkeley-based consulting company. The report analyzed data from 2016-17 – the most recent year for which full data was available. The last economic impact study for TCC was done in November 2008.

The key findings of the report are presented in the graphic below. A link to the entire report is also provided below.