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Chaplain’s Mission

Dedicated to providing programs aimed at improving the spiritual, ethical and social aspects of life at The Claremont Colleges.

The Claremont Colleges are served by the Interfaith Chaplains, who represent, coordinate and direct the programs of the McAlister Center for Religious Activities. Chaplains serve as confidential emotional healers, spiritual counselors, and provide ethical leadership to religious and non-religious students. A Protestant chaplain, Catholic priest, Imam (Muslim Chaplain) and Rabbi serve the five undergraduate colleges and the two graduate schools full-time. The McAlister Center sponsors a full schedule of worship services and a wide range of events and programs under the sponsorship of the Buddhist, Catholic, Christian Science, Hindu, Interdenominational Christian, Jewish, Latter Day Saints, Muslim and Zen Meditation groups, as well as other on-campus religious and spiritual groups. The chaplains maintain liaison with religious institutions and social service agencies in the surrounding communities, and have a Community Service Coordinator that link students to university-wide volunteer activities and local community service organizations.