Will the bookstore lose any services?


No, students can expect the same services they have come to know from the Huntley Bookstore. The new location will continue to provide textbook services, school supplies, and house the campus Apple Store. Campus apparel will be available through an online kiosk with in-store pick-up.

Will the bookstore lose any services?2021-11-17T10:36:27-08:00

Will the Library location be Huntley’s forever home?


The Huntley Bookstore will be temporarily located within The Claremont Colleges Library awaiting the construction of the new The Claremont Colleges Student Center. The new TCC Student Center is being developed under the guidance of TCCS and will serve as a new hub for student activity on campus and provide a centrally located home for the Huntley Bookstore and select student services.

Will the Library location be Huntley’s forever home?2021-11-17T09:55:57-08:00

Why is Huntley Bookstore relocating?


Our institutions are growing! The Claremont Graduate University purchased the Huntley Bookstore building to house the new Yuhaaviatam Center for Health Studies, an innovative and multi-disciplinary health research center serving vulnerable populations in the Inland Empire and Indian Country.

Why is Huntley Bookstore relocating?2021-11-17T10:04:14-08:00
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