During your first visit*, you should expect your provider to discuss with you:

  • Your desired goals in regard to gender affirmation
  • Then, based on those goals, discuss the various treatment options which can help you achieve those goals
  • An expected timeframe to start noticing these changes, including which changes may be permanent (non-reversible)
  • Risks and benefits of such treatments, and suggestions on how to manage them
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, risk of pregnancy (for those who still have a cervix/uterus), and the likely possibility of future infertility
  • Any substantial underlying health issues which may require better management in conjunction with, or possibly before proceeding with hormonal therapy
  • Signing an informed consent prior to starting a treatment plan at SHS
  • Lastly, ordering any required initial screening testing as well as establishing the frequency of follow-up visits and testing

*Please keep in mind that depending on the complexity of your personal history, it is possible that it might take more than one visit to complete your initial intake.