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Phone(909) 607-1502

Huntley Bookstore
Located inside The Claremont Colleges Library
800 N. Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

Huntley Bookstore

The Huntley Bookstore is the consortial bookstore of The Claremont Colleges. Shop our seven institutions apparel at one convenient location. Huntley provides textbook services, institutional apparel, general school supplies, and houses the campus Apple Store.

Huntley Bookstore Move

The Huntley Bookstore is moving into the Library. Construction for this relocation project will run through winter break and with the reopening of the new Library location in February 2022. Students can expect the same great services they have come to know from the Huntley Bookstore, now at the convenient location of The Claremont Colleges Library first floor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Huntley Bookstore relocating?2021-11-17T10:04:14-08:00

Our institutions are growing! The Claremont Graduate University purchased the Huntley Bookstore building to house the new Yuhaaviatam Center for Health Studies, an innovative and multi-disciplinary health research center serving vulnerable populations in the Inland Empire and Indian Country.

Where is the Huntley Bookstore being relocated?2021-11-17T10:04:54-08:00

The Huntley Bookstore will be relocated to The Claremont Colleges Library first floor. Huntley guests will access the new location by entering the Library through the south entrance by Connection and will immediately see the bookstore upon entering the Library.

How is this project funded?2021-11-17T10:05:17-08:00

The Huntley Bookstore move is being funded by proceeds from the Huntley Bookstore building sale.

Will the new location be ready by spring semester?2021-11-17T09:55:26-08:00

Huntley’s new location will be fully functional by February 2022. For the spring semester, students will need to pick-up textbooks at the original Huntley Bookstore building at 175 E. 8th Street.

Will the Library location be Huntley’s forever home?2021-11-17T09:55:57-08:00

The Huntley Bookstore will be temporarily located within The Claremont Colleges Library awaiting the construction of the new The Claremont Colleges Student Center. The new TCC Student Center is being developed under the guidance of TCCS and will serve as a new hub for student activity on campus and provide a centrally located home for the Huntley Bookstore and select student services.

Will construction disrupt the Library operations?2022-01-26T10:51:25-08:00

No, construction for this project will run through winter break and conclude early in the spring semester.

Will the Library need to move books offsite to make room for the bookstore?2021-11-17T10:35:35-08:00

No, the Library’s books will not be removed but rather moved different shelves on Honnold 1; the “T” books were moved to Mudd 1.

Will Huntley have the same hours?2021-11-17T10:36:01-08:00

Yes, Huntley will operate at their usual hours.

Will the bookstore lose any services?2021-11-17T10:36:27-08:00

No, students can expect the same services they have come to know from the Huntley Bookstore. The new location will continue to provide textbook services, school supplies, and house the campus Apple Store. Campus apparel will be available through an online kiosk with in-store pick-up.

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